Saturday, February 11, 2017

joining in the anthem

St John of Damascus tells us about joining in the praise that all of creation gives God.

He says that "He is adored with one adoration by all of creation." That points to something pretty amazing. Every bird, every tree, every stone and every star is crying out in praise of our God. Every blade of grass sings His glory. When we stop spinning our wheels in useless sin, and set aside the distractions and selfishness that so easily entangle us, we find ourselves in the midst of a great symphony of praise.

Let's take time today to set aside our worries, fears, regrets, and grudges, and listen to the song that surrounds us. Maybe we can even contribute a verse or two.

God, thank You for redeeming all of creation, so that it rightly gives you praise. Please help us join in the song.


julie reedy said...

Nicely put

Bob Reedy said...

Beautiful, I was taught it was more of a groaning.