Friday, February 10, 2017

death made temporary

St Gregory the Great tells us today about how Jesus's death changed our deaths.

He says that Jesus threatened our deaths with the power of His death. Which is pretty amazing. And then he says that Jesus dying and rising from the dead changed death. Death used to be eternal, but when Jesus died, it became temporary. Now, because of what He did, death is like sleep. We will wake up one day and meet Him. There will be a judgment, and then we will live forever with Him.

St Gregory then goes on to say that we should live our lives with this in mind. We should make eternal decisions that take our eternal lives into account. We should stop worrying about the little things, money and temporary health and our silly pride... and we should focus on the things that really matter: namely, other people and how much we love them.

Let's focus on that today.

God, thank You for changing the perspective of the universe by making death temporary.