Friday, April 29, 2016

you can't be original by trying

Lewis talks about originality today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He tells us that we can't be original by trying to be original. The more we try not to emulate others, the more we find ourselves doing just that.

That's very true in relationships, too. If you have a toxic relationship in your life, whether it's a friend, relative, coworker... whoever it is, the more you try NOT to be like that person, the more you find yourself being like them... or worse, being the ANTI-them, which is also unhealthy.

But, like in Lewis's example of how to do original work, the moment you stop thinking about THEM, and thinking instead of the things that you genuinely like YOURSELF, you find yourself being yourself. Focus on what truly interests you, and you'll leave the tumult of "how to be me" behind.

Of course, if you are uncertain what interests you, ask Him to show you. He gives you the desires of your heart.

God, thanks for helping us to be truly original - by truly being ourselves.


Donette Glenn said...

Be who God has created you to be. Be weird and different you get to meet lots of people. Lol!

Donette Glenn said...
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julie reedy said...

Focus on understanding ourselves in relationship with God.