Sunday, April 10, 2016

the rhythm

Today Lewis talks about the rhythm of the seasons in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He tells us about how God has blessed us with things that change and also remain the same, through the rhythm of the seasons, feasts, fasts, and so forth throughout the year.

We have seasons in our lives, too, don't we? Times of mourning... times of rejoicing. Winters of desolation. Springs of new beginnings. It would be tempting to hold on to one season and resist the next. But Lewis teaches us about that in his book Perelandra. In that book, God shows His creatures that it's always good to be open to what God has for us next. Not to hold on to what's come before with a desperate grip, fearful of the future. But to trust Him and allow Him to send us new things and wonderful things, different from what we've had before.

What new thing is He sending into your life? I encourage you to open your hand, release your grip on the past, and receive the great gift He is giving you in your future.

Thank You, God, for the rhythm.


julie reedy said...

So appropriate

Donette Glenn said...

Such truth! Bring it on Lord the new things you have for me. May I be faithful and obedient and follow YOU!