Sunday, April 10, 2016

breaking out of the boredom

Today in A Year with C.S. Lewis, Lewis tells us about being bored. He calls it the "demand for novelty", but what he's describing is boredom.

And he tells us some alarming - and accurate - things about it. That it leads to some serious problems in our spiritual lives, including greed and impatience and envy. So how do we combat boredom?

Well, this article does a good job telling you some practical ways to avoid boredom. It points out that boredom and "feeling too busy" are very closely related, if they're not the same thing. And it tells you that what your brain is looking for is "quality experiences" rather than the less quality you're currently perceiving.

Of course, one great way to break out of boredom is to pray about it. When we pray, we bring our malaise to God. And He knows, better than anyone, what our brain needs to feel stimulated again. He will nudge us out of the overly familiar and into the interestingly different... even if that just means helping us to find the delight in our every day lives once more.

So if you're feeling bored - or too busy - ask God for help. Read the article I linked above. And get ready for the next little (or maybe big?) adventure that He sends you on.

God, thank You for helping us even with things like being bored.

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