Monday, April 11, 2016

dying to really live

Lewis tells us about finding new love today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He talks about how so many people try to keep finding the same feelings in doing the same things, over and over. And they lose that thrill, which makes them bored and disillusioned after that. We see this in our romantic life, in our work life...but we even see it in our spiritual life.

Have you ever found yourself worried because you just don't feel the same way about going to church that you used to? Ever feel guilty because the same old prayer or song doesn't stir you like it used to? Worried you're becoming...lukewarm? Afraid you're gonna get spit out of His mouth?

Well, those are all good examples of trying to find thrill and excitement in a past experience. His mercies are NEW every morning. He has a new adventure waiting for you today. The reason many people don't follow Him into that new adventure is fear.

The old familiar song, church, and prayer are safe and easy. We seek spiritual comfort there. And there is nothing wrong with old churches, songs, and prayers. My church is 2000 years old! Some of my prayers are older than that! But we must follow Him, each day, into the new mercies, the new loves, the new adventures that He brings us.

Let's pray that He guides our paths into His new directions, and ask for courage to follow Him there.


Donette Glenn said...

That what so exciting about doing this life with Jesus. If are totally walking with Him and doing what He has called you to do it is not boring...HE totally takes out of our comfort zones and has you do radical things for His children. Like wash feet of the homeless, pray for some in the grocery store, and just simply smile and say hello. Living for Jesus is the most exciting life I have ever lived and wake up every day asking Him what are gonna do today Lord.

Donette Glenn said...
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