Sunday, March 13, 2016

not a fixer upper

Today in A Year with C.S. Lewis, Lewis is mistaken.

He says that we see traces of "evolutionism" or "developmentalism" in Christianity, because God creates the world from "the formless." This misunderstands both God and the nature of His creation.

God created the earth and the formless void in the beginning. He created light. And He created all that we see around us. At each step of the way, what He made was perfect. He created a perfect formless void. The most amazing light. And the wonders of the world around us. Of course He did. He is creativity itself. He is what it means to be an artist. He cannot make anything other than perfection.

When it came time to make man, He outdid Himself. How do I know that? Because at every previous step, when He finished with that stage of creation, He said it was good. But when He made man, He said that it was very good. And then He gave us perfect self-awareness. The best sentience. He gave us the free-est of free wills. And He allows us to make truly free choices. He lets us choose to walk away from Him, or to run toward Him with our arms wide open.

Which will you choose? (We choose fresh every day)

Thank You, God, for making everything so well. You are the ultimate master artist.