Saturday, March 12, 2016

now accepting volunteers

Lewis is really on to something in today's selection from A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He says that on one level, it's hard to understand how Satan can be alive and well on planet earth when God is omnipotent. How can God let Satan do his thing?

But his explanation makes alot of sense. When you're in charge of people, whether it's your children or soldiers or employees, you know what it's like to bark orders and have people do things because you demand it. But you also know what it's like to have people volunteer. Recently at my store I had one of my booksellers come to me and ask if he is allowed to come in and straighten the store when he's not on the clock so he can help get the store looking neat (neatness is a struggle in my new store). Of course, he isn't allowed to do that, as working off the clock is not allowed. But the fact that he ASKED means so much, right? That he cares about the store and wants it to be good... so much that he volunteers to help on his own time.

And that tells us alot about God. Yes, He gives us commands. But mostly, He gives us room to decide what to do with our time and resources. And when we volunteer to use our own time and money to help other people, it delights Him.

This is a helpful reminder to me, and helps me remember to look for ways that I can use the life He's given me to make other people's lives better. I do want to take this opportunity, though, to remind some of you not to overdo it. Some of you don't need to be reminded to help others... YOU guys need to be reminded that God gave you your life to enjoy. He made great flavors of food, and beautiful sunsets, and warm breezes, and wonderful friends ... to be enjoyed. He wants us to love the life He's given us, not just "use it" to accomplish things. Balance is important!

Thank You, God, for giving us such rich blessings, and for giving us the opportunity to volunteer to help others.

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julie reedy said...

Right on, balance is the key