Monday, March 14, 2016

what is up God's sleeve

Today in A Year with C.S. Lewis, he talks about God "descending" to limit His omnipotence so that we can have free will. I don't know about all of that. Maybe He did.

But it seems to me that God did something amazing. God does that. He is always surprising us, isn't He? I mean, no one could have guessed what He was going to do. With the incarnation. With the life of Jesus. Every step of His life, He kept shocking everyone. It almost seems like He INTENDS to shock us.

I think He does.

And I think the crucifixion and the resurrection were intended... ARE intended... to be the most shocking thing in history. And I think it still shocks us today.

Why does He shock us? Because He wants us to exercise our faith and trust Him. If He only told us things that were common sense, ho-hum practical advice that we could have come up with on our own... then we wouldn't need faith to accept it.

But without faith, it is impossible to please God.

What is God going to do next in YOUR life? I bet it's something shocking. I bet He's going to surprise you. I bet He's going to do something you could never guess.

That's the way He operates. And we can either go into the new thing wringing our hands and worrying... or we can trust Him and plunge into the new adventure with our faith securely fastened to the One who will NEVER let us down.

God, thank You for surprising us. And for being there when that scares us.


julie reedy said...

Adventures in life are always so surprising from God. He makes me laugh and His creation brings me to tears with the awesome beauty. Thanks God.

Marcia Tapp said...

What is up God's sleeve...I love that! Living the adventure life is invigorating and terrifying! The only way I'm surviving is to hang on tight and trust that He is fully aware of the plans He has for me and delights in surprising me with His best!