Tuesday, March 1, 2016

in working order

Today Lewis talks to us about sailing ships and musical instruments in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He makes great points about how we need to be both internally and externally in good shape in order to accomplish our goals. And what's even more challenging is to think of all the things we have to have in order to function. Our bodies, our minds, our spirits, our emotions... so many things to take care of. And that's just ourselves. Then we have our family, each member dealing with all of those factors, too. And friends. And strangers. So much that can go wrong.

It's amazing that more doesn't go wrong than it does, when you think about it? And that could be a scary thought. But fortunately we have many promises from God to help us face all of these challenges. He tells us that in this world, we WILL have troubles. We will have body problems, and mind problems. We will struggle in our families, and with our friends.

But, He tells us... take heart. He has overcome the world. He made your body, He knows how it functions. He created your mind. He blessed you with your spirit. He knows exactly what you need to be healthy in all of these areas. He knows how to bless your family and your friends. Ask for His help.... seek first His kingdom and His righteousness... and all of these things will be yours, as well.

Does that mean we won't get sick? No. Does it mean we won't have family problems? Of course we will, we're human. But we have confidence in the one who can take us beyond all of the problems of this life, into abundant life and joy beyond our ability to comprehend.

That's the promise. And He never breaks them.

Thanks, God, for helping us function in this life... and for getting us ready for the next one.