Monday, February 29, 2016

beyond goodness

Lewis talks to us today about how God, and our faith, transcend goodness in A Year with C. S. Lewis.

His thoughts are right on...and yet there's more. He points out that we can't use the fact that we can never be perfect as an excuse not to even TRY to be. That's very true. But it would be easy to stop there and miss the bigger point.

The bigger point is that God is calling us to perfection, not to prove we can't, not to deprive us of anything...But because what He's calling us to is wonderful. He wants us to live fulfilled, amazing, loving lives full of hope, beauty, kindness, and joy. We will certainly fail in our attempt to live those lives. But we shouldn't stop when we fail, not just because He wants us to keep trying, but because the more we mature and learn and grow, the happier and more abundant our lives will be. He came that we might have life...abundant life!

We keep walking down this road, even when it's hard and painful and even when we're tired, not because it's some kind of test (though it might be), but because the goal at the end of this road is so very worth it. I can promise you that, unequivocally. Because I have it on the best authority.

Thank you, God, for calling us to abundant life. And for picking us up when we fall along the way.