Wednesday, March 2, 2016

men without chests

Today Lewis tells us about how important internal morality is in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He talks about how we can't expect people to get along in life and accomplish anything if their internal workings are not in order. And this is not a new problem. It wasn't a new problem when Lewis wrote it. It's not a new problem now.

But it is a problem. As a society, we pretend that morality is a private thing. That it's fine for YOU to believe in truth and moral behavior, but don't go pushing your beliefs on me. That doesn't work. When we try to separate goodness and truth from society, we end up with the men without chests that Lewis describes in the quote above.

It would be easy to decry our current election as being between two people who have no internal morality. And it would be apt. But that's not a good lesson, and it only makes us feel smug and superior.

The take home lesson is how refreshing it is when you DO meet someone with a moral code. Someone that you know you can trust, because they're THAT kind of person. You don't have to watch them around your wallet. You don't have to check up on them to make sure they're working. It's such a breath of fresh air to find that person that you can trust with your life.

That's one thing that God calls us to be. Someone who has an internal morality, a code that shines out of our lives and tells other wise people "Hey. You can trust me. I'll take care of whatever you need me to do. I'm on your side. I'm a good guy." When you have that kind of code, you don't have to say those words. That message is communicated powerfully by your actions.

Thank You, God, for still making men with chests.

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julie reedy said...

We so need to seek and search for individuals with a chest....morals. It really scares me to see the direction our nations allowances of wrong/immoral behavior that is being accepted as normal. Blaming others or just accepting that this is okay is being accepted. Morals are being considered not the way to be.....God send your message to the hearts of your people to refrain from accepting the ways of the world instead of Your way.