Monday, February 15, 2016

ignoring the best advice

Today we read the February 15 selection from A Year With C.S. Lewis.

Lewis tells us that we are really good at ignoring good advice. All the moral teachers in history have given us great advice on how to live. And for the most part, we all ignore it. Why, do you suppose?
Well, when you study literature, you learn that there are three types of conflict. Man against his environment, man against man, and man against himself. This answers the question, I think. Permit me to explain.

We have a very real enemy. Satan, or the devil, prowls about, ready to devour us if we let him. He twists the truth and coaxes us to enjoy our vices. He wants us to fail. Man against environment.

Other people encourage us to "plunge into the flood of dissipation" with them. The more the merrier. Misery loves company. These aphorisms exist because of our struggle with others. Man against man.

And then, we struggle against our own pride, lust, selfishness, and stupidity. Our spirit is willing, but our flesh continues to grow weak.We have to overcome our own selves just to do some good. Man against himself.

With all of that operating against us, it's no wonder we fail to follow good advice. With all of that against us, it's a wonder we do anything good at all.

But with God, all things are possible.

Thank You, God, for helping us overcome the obstacles in each of our stories.