Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Today we read Lewis talking about what Christianity came to do, and what it didn't. He makes some very good points. But the thing that grabbed me was when he said that Christianity is "a source of energy that will give them all new life."

If you're like me (at all), you get tired. You get worn out, and you need rest. And sometimes, even when you've rested, you still feel tired. What you need is energy.

And here are some practical ways to get energy.

But one thing to remember is that God can give you energy. Sometimes He'll do it through one of the ways in the link above. He did create your body, and food, and sleep, and your intestinal tract, and all of the things in the article. But He can also give you energy through joy. The Psalms say "The joy of the LORD is my strength." And this can be very true in our lives. Joy can free us from the very wearying habits of negative thinking and depression. God's joy can free us from so many things that it's easy to fall into in this life.

If you need His joy, just ask. He is very generous. He is a never ending source of joy. And if you still feel worn down and weary, take a look at that article up there. Keep asking for His joy.. and maybe take a nap.

God, thanks for being our ultimate source of energy.

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julie reedy said...

Thank you God for everything you give us!