Sunday, February 14, 2016

trust is so important

In our Year with C.S. Lewis, we read today from the Valentine's day selection: Feb 14.

Lewis points out that Jesus doesn't leave us with the possibility of considering Him just a "great teacher". And he's right.

I think part of the reason that Jesus drew a line in the sand so many times, and made it clear that we had to CHOOSE one way or the other, comes down to trust. It is imperative to Him that we trust Him. And why should that be true? Why do we need to trust Him that much? Well, because He asks us to follow Him. And sometimes He asks us to follow Him to do scary things.

He almost always calls us to step outside of our comfortable place. To take a step beyond where we would have gone if left to our own devices. And to take that step, we have to trust the One leading us.
One day, He will ask us to trust Him when we take the biggest step of our lives - right out of this life, and into the next one. Without that trust, that step would be terrifying. And so our lives are spent learning to trust Him, so that when that final step comes, we're ready for it.

Thank You, God, for teaching us to trust You.