Thursday, July 16, 2015

i don't recommend Kingsman

i had high hopes for Kingsman. the trailer looked really good. but it was a huge disappointment.

first, i really didn't like the role that Samuel L Jackson plays. his sideways hat, lisping antagonist was just silly and stupid. every scene with him in it made the movie less enjoyable. i don't know why the director decided to go that direction with that character, but it was not a good choice. it made the movie less.

and the movie is over the top, gratuitously violent. i have watched many, many violent movies, and horror movies and thriller novels with lots of violence are some of my favorite movies and books. but this movie has scenes where everyone in a church just starts killing each other, for no reason. stabbing, ripping, tearing, blood splattering killing each other. in a church. for no reason. not bad guys, not good guys fighting for some cause. instead, it's the main bad guy pushing a button that makes them all go crazy and start killing each other. everyone in the scene dies.

there is another scene where hundreds of people's heads explode, shooting off of their bodies like fireworks. in fact, they play fireworks music while it's happening. wayyyyy over the top, and unnecessary.

and finally, there is an anal sex scene.

none of this was necessary to the plot. all of this could have been changed slightly to be less explicit and the movie would have been enjoyable. but by the end of the movie, i was more than ready for it to be over. and it left a very bad taste in my mouth. i was left feeling like i wish i hadn't seen it.

manners maketh man. i wish Kingsman had taken their own advice.

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