Thursday, July 16, 2015

we all make mistakes

today's readings: 1 Chron 22:1-23:32, Rom 3:9-31, Psalm 12:1-8, Prov 19:13-14

so we read today where Paul says that we've all blown it. every one of us has sinned. we've screwed up. we make mistakes. none of us is perfect.

isn't that refreshing? you're not the only screwup. you don't have to pretend you're perfect. God knows you're flawed, and He loves you anyway.

now let's remember that next time we hear a celebrity did something wrong. let's remember that when we hear that our neighbor messed up and lost their home and marriage. let's remember that when we see Greece struggling under the weight of its bad decisions. let's remember that God loves all of us, not just the ones who have it all together.

and let's love one another like He loves us.

God, please help me remember to love like You do.