Thursday, July 16, 2015


so i saw minions yesterday. it was just what i expected, and well done. very funny, clever, cute. good writing, well performed. Sandra Bullock was a little over the top in the antagonist role, but then again her name WAS Scarlett Overkill... and I didn't like Jon Hamm as her husband/chief henchman at all. he wasn't funny (in my opinion).

just a couple caveats - the movie starts with the minions evolving from the primordial soup. (mmmmm... primordial sooooouuuup) and the entire movie is about minions... which DO work for evil geniuses. so the characters in the movie all tend to be bad guys. they say things like "doesn't it feel GOOD to be BAD??" and stuff like that. if you're worried that your kids are a little too impressionable and will take these things to heart, you might wait till they get a little older.

but the movie is really well done. very funny. laugh out loud funny. you really get attached to Kevin, Stuart, and especially funny little Bob. something ... happens to one of these guys, and there is a touching moment when the other two mourn for him. (won't give spoilers by saying what happens)

i definitely recommend this movie for those adults out there who like a good, silly laugh. and if your kids are past that impressionable stage, where they can watch a movie about something without thinking it's all true, then i would take them.


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