Thursday, May 14, 2015

the unthrown stone

today's readings: 1 Sam 15:1-16:23, John 8:1-20, Psalm 110:1-7, Proverbs 15:8-10

the woman caught in adultery. the question always arises... where is the man with whom she was committing adultery? but we know the answer... in the patriarchal society, it was the woman who was blamed.

but the wisdom found here is after Jesus says that he who has no sin can throw the first stone to kill her. i never noticed this before, but the gospel says that they all slipped away, beginning with the oldest. those older guys realized immediately that they had no ground to stand on. and after they left, even the younger and less wise among them realized that as well.

how we need to take this to heart! because we are all on our knees before Jesus, having been caught sinning. we are all in the crowd, looking down our noses at someone who has sinned, even though there is sin in our hearts as well. we all need His forgiveness, and blessed are those who realize it sooner rather than later. woe to those who never realize they need His forgiveness.

thank you, God, for forgiving my sins. and thanks for the memories that keep me humble.

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julie reedy said...

You posted I think cause I said well said and we can't throw a stone at you cuz you are leading us thru the Bible in a you