Thursday, May 14, 2015

mad max movie review

mad max is a mixed bag.

the visuals are amazing... especially the sandstorm. but the director messes this up over and over by moving the camera around too much and too fast. if we could have looked at some of the scenes and some of the characters, it would have made a better movie. but it's so fast from one glimpse of one thing to another that you can never drink it in.

tom hardy is a terrible choice for max. he doesn't have the charisma, charm, or presence to carry off the part. he grunts and mumbles his way through his lines, and looks thoroughly bewildered for most of the movie. they needed a stronger actor in the role.... a harrison ford or mel gibson or daniel craig... anyone who can connect with the audience. it was hard to care about the movie because there was no focal point.

there were a few really good performances. nicholas hoult and rosie hungtington-whitely both perform very well and, despite the director's best efforts, do connect with the audience and make their scenes worth watching.

overall the film is remarkable just for its pyrotechnics. there are some cool effects several times, with explosions and the ever present dirt that makes everything look cooler.

but i would call this a disappointment. i was hoping it would be really good... it was just fair.

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