Thursday, May 14, 2015

water of life

today's readings: 1 Sam 14:1-52, John 7:31-53, Psalm 1-31, Proverbs 15:57

Jesus stands and shouts to the people "Anyone who is thirsty, come and get free living water that will flow from your heart."

like the woman at the well, i say to Jesus (and from a place of sinfulness, as well) "give me this living water"

and He does. He pours out His living water into our hearts, every day if we ask. we just have to leave our pride behind, and trust in Him, and open our hearts... and receive His living water.

God, please continue pouring your never ending stream of living water into my soul.

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julie reedy said...

We try to make this so hard. Christ tries to let us see and understand how easy it is for us because of what He did, but we deem ourselves too sinful to accept the gift He is offering us. It takes action on our part, ask and we shall receive. Pride is huge, set it aside and accept.