Wednesday, February 4, 2015

no regrets

today's readings: Exodus 19:16 - 21:21, Matt 23:13-39, Psalm 28:1-9, Proverbs 7:1-5

so we read the Ten Commandments today... and see their great wisdom and truth. but it is disconcerting to read some of the laws that come after that... like the one that says that if you beat your slave with a club, you'll be punished... unless the slave gets better in a day or two. then you won't be punished.

I know that the laws of the OT were an improvement over the current ways of treating people... and Jesus said that some laws were due to the "hardness of people's hearts". in other words, the laws improved things, but didn't make them perfect.

I suppose that's true today, as well. I listened to an author on the radio today talking about the court rulings throughout history that we later regretted... and the common denominator in each of these regretted cases was one thing: dehumanizing a certain group of people.

so I wrote in an email and asked if we would one day regret abortion, as it dehumanizes the unborn. they read my email on the radio and the author replied. but his answer was still "according to the hardness of people's hearts" today... and I know we will one day regret it.

Lord, show me what I should change in my life today to be more like You. may Your Kingdom come, and Your will be done in my life as it is in Heaven.


julie reedy said...

Well said Jeff, I know many women who during troubling times they two succumbed to the draw from the law that abortion was okay. Many of them suffer everyday and suffer in any relationship due to a choice they made to end a life ( as they see it now in hindsight)
Jesus spoke of importance of children and having the innocence of the young ( and unborn).
God help me to stand up more for the unborn.

jefe said...