Thursday, February 5, 2015

eye for an eye

today's readings are Exodus 21:22-23:13, Matt 24:1-28, Psalm 29:1-11, and Prov 7:6-23

I didn't find much inspiration in today's reading. the OT was all eye for an eye, and the NT was end times prophecies that are difficult to understand. the Psalm was the LORD shaking everything, and the Proverb was warning us once more about that immoral woman who keeps trying to kill everyone.

even so, come Lord Jesus.


julie reedy said...

Gods expectations for humans and His anger over our ways. Sounds like today! We as a nation have moved soooo far from these words. Patience from the Lord is our only salvation. He had such high standards for us.we as a nation have allowed our nation to move in a direction that is not what God had set in stone, Ten Commandments. Truth seems to be the furthest from it. Lord I pray that this country turn from our wicked ways. Find in me a clean heart! Let's start with abortion, reverse all laws allowing it.

jefe said...

the Israelites weren't very good at following the ten commandments either... and they saw them being made! so there's hope for us.