Tuesday, February 3, 2015


today's readings: Exodus 17:8 - 19:15, Matt 22:34 - 23:12, Psalm 27:7-14, Prov 6:27-35

you know when you have those days when God seems to be telling you something over and over again? and you're finally like "OK, God, I get it already!"?

well, today my lesson is pretty clear.

see, I've taken on a great many things lately. I have two jobs, I'm working on my master's degree, I'm writing a book, I'm working out each day, and I'm doing this Scripture reflection each day. I've also had two friends ask me to edit their works. which is awesome, and it keeps me from missing a certain girl that I tend to miss if I'm not super busy.

but I have gotten to the point where my plate is full. and God has been tapping me on the shoulder and saying "give yourself some breathing room or you're not going to have time for friends... for fun... or for someone who needs to talk."

good advice.

well, today I went to a manager meeting with Barnes & Noble and the theme was Essentialism... which meant finding the important things and doing those... but learning to say "no" when you're asked to do too much.

and THEN... I read about Moses getting this great advice from his father in law! which, I might add, it showed Moses's humility in that he accepted the advice and acted on it... which isn't always easy to do from the in-laws!

Lord, help me to learn to say "no" at the right times... and yes the rest of the time.


julie reedy said...

I seem to function best when I have lots to do, but lately I have gotten the message loud and clear to take time for me( my health). At times I am getting bored but with the help from this study and a couple other daily readings I committed to the time is going by and hopefully the health is improving.

jefe said...

glad to hear it :)

jefe said...

glad to hear it :)