Friday, September 12, 2014

a good day

today was a good day.  but let me start a few years back... one day several years ago i was riding my motorcycle down the road when it suddenly stopped working.  the engine was running, but it wasn't accelerating anymore.  it was slowing down more and more.  so i pulled over and was looking at it when this big black truck pulled up behind me.

a gigantic man, 6 foot 5, all muscle, wearing a Harley Davidson t-shirt (i kid you not!) jumped out of the truck and walked up.  he looked at the bike, put the chain back on track (duh) and then he fixed me with a piercing stare.  he said "one day, son, you are going to see another biker in need."  here he stabbed me in the chest with his gigantic forefinger as he said "YOU HELP HIM."  i nodded and said "i will"

ok ... fast forward to today.  i'm driving home from school and i see a young african american man pushing his scooter (rather like the one in the pic above) along the side of the road, clearly exhausted.  i pull over and yell "need some help?"  he nods, too tired to reply.  we load it up into the truck and i drive him home.  as we unload the scooter, i say "one day, you will see someone broken down, and you'll be in a place to do something.  YOU HELP HIM."

the young man nodded very seriously, and said "i will"

i didn't meet my wife today.  but today was a good day. 


Zoe Tetley said...

A great story! We all come across situations that require us to help out those who need us. You were a blessing to another person today!
LOL, some day you will meet your future wife!

jefe said...

hopefully sooner rather than later :)