Sunday, August 17, 2014

expendables 3

I saw expendables 3.  it was not as "good"  as I was hoping.

these movies are not great writing, acting, or plot lines.   I knew that.   but I usually enjoy them in a brainless, guilty pleasure kind of way.

this one was a little too lacking in plot, depth, humor, and amazing weapons.   it was the kind of movie that you'll struggle to remember if you've seen it.   it was ALMOST completely forgettable.   almost.
Antonio Banderas is the one glimmer of entertainment in this movie.   his role is over the top annoying to every other character in the movie... much to our delight.   he is hilarious.

I was hoping for alot more with such a great cast... Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson, in addition to all the usual action guys.   but for the most part, it fell flat.   save your $ and watch it on redbox.

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