Tuesday, August 12, 2014

facebook scare

so there is a huge crazy scare going on all over the internet (especially on fb) about fb messenger.

i've had a few people ask me what i thought about it, so i decided to blog about the sitch.

i did some research and read several articles on the subject. this is not only a poll to see if you deleted messenger, it gives a little info and links to more info.

here is my take on the whole thing, after doing some reading.  almost all apps have the same "permissions" built into them.  if you read some of the articles on the subject, the reason the warnings sound so dire is that the people who make apps don't have control over the verbiage of the warnings.  they just have to pick the one that fits the need of the app.  what that means is, if the app you're installing needs to be able to use the camera (like fb messenger does when you want to post a pic directly into messenger), then the app developer has to choose the message that sounds terrible: this app has permission to use the camera.  sounds like it's going to be spying on you, but that's not what it means.

now, with that said, i do want to say that anytime you use the internet at all, anytime you use social media, anytime you use facebook, you are opening yourself up to possible abuse.  this is also true anytime you interact with other human beings.  life involves danger.  you're never 100% completely safe, not even lying in your own bed with the door locked.  that doesn't mean we should take unreasonable risks, and i'm especially sympathetic with parents who are trying to make a good decision about what they'll let their kids do.

personally, i find so much good in using facebook that it outweighs the negative.  so many times i've asked for prayer, and felt the results as dozens of people begin praying for me.  i've learned so much, usually before the news catches up.  i heard the sad news about Robin Williams on my fb feed first.  and i love being able to keep up with, and catch up with, friends from throughout my lifetime every day.  being able to keep up with my family on a daily basis, even though we live in different states, is priceless.

so don't do anything stupid.  take precautions.  a simple one is not to give out too much information.  don't post your phone number or home address on fb (where everyone can read it).  don't post that you're going away to a movie or going on vacation... thereby letting everyone know you won't be home for the next two hours or two weeks or whatever.  i usually post pics of my trips when i get home (unless my roommate is home keeping an eye on the place) and i usually review movies and announce that i'm watching them when i'm done, rather than on my way to them.

in the end, no one is forcing you to use fb.  or to use fb messenger.  are there dangers?  probably, but no more than most other apps.  i will continue to use them, myself.  what you do is ultimately up to you.  but i hope to see you on fb.

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