Monday, August 11, 2014

what to light of horror

this article has a very good perspective on what's happening in the world today and our response to it.  clearly there are horrific things happening around the world.  and as a caring person, you might find yourself wondering what you can do about it.

the article points out, correctly, that we should pray.  it does error by saying "THERE IS NO TIME FOR SLEEP! There is no time for wasting away in recreation. It is time to WAKE UP and PRAY!"

obviously we need sleep to function.  and God gave us sleep, for many reasons.  one of them is for dreams, and God sometimes speaks to us in our dreams.  God has also given us recreation... not to "waste away", but to reflect and think and be.  leisure time... play time... is very good for us.  God even gave us a whole day each week to do it in.  to rest.. to know that He is God... to enjoy our families.  recreation is a good thing.  we're not on earth just to "function", we're not here just to work.

but the article is very right in saying that we should pray.  many people i know are suffering from various forms of insomnia, myself included.  when you wake up at 3am the best thing you can do is pray.  if the enemy is trying to rob of you sleep (doesn't he like to remind you of all your mistakes around that time of night?) then praying is pulling a jiu-jitsu move on him and using his weapon to his disadvantage.

another consideration is that Iraq, where many of these horrors are happening, is on the other side of the world.  it could be that God is waking you up right at the time when someone desperately needs your prayers.  you don't know who they are... but God does.

anyway, i want to confirm the article in saying "don't feel guilty".  don't just walk around feeling frustrated and angry and scared and guilty about what's happening.  if you can get involved somehow, financially support a group that is helping... or do something locally in your church or with a group like Habitat for Humanity, then do it!  but more importantly... maybe MOST importantly... pray.

not only will praying help those who need it more than anyone... it also helps you.  it gets you closer in touch with the One who loves you more than you can ever imagine.  it changes you, while changing "things over there".  it's a win-win-win.

pray without ceasing!  :)

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