Tuesday, September 20, 2011

tales from a bookstore

i was working at the customer service desk yesterday.

a customer wanted a book that we didn't have in stock, so i offered to order it for her. she wanted it shipped to her house, so i set up the order, printed out the form, and told her that she could pay for it at any register.

she had her money out already, and asked "i can't pay for it here?"

i said "no, you can pay for it at any register-" and started to say "this is just information" but she cut me off.

"OH! this is just community service?"

i smiled and said "yes, i'm serving my time."


Cooper Renner said...

Cool. Serving time.

Jenny said...

Oh man. You definitely need to update this blog more often with stories like these. I don't run into many people like that anymore since I'm not in retail, but dude...these stories crack me up!