Saturday, September 24, 2011

dr who and God

so i just read this very interesting article on dr who: article

i apologize if there is any strong language in it. i don't remember any, but i might have forgotten.

anyway, it was thought provoking. i liked the vulnerability of the author. it made me interested (along with all of the trustworthy people who have told me to watch the show over the years) in finally watching this show.

there is, of course, the strange line where the author says he understands having dr who as his god more than Jesus, which makes zero sense to me, given that Jesus was at least a real person. but that aside, it really made me think.

what do you think about the series? about gods and weaknesses and interest in humans? do you think that, perhaps, we find it difficult to believe that some god (or God) is interested in humans because we (for whatever reason) find ourselves so difficult to love or care about?

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