Wednesday, September 14, 2011

cool spaceships

so i recently read this article which talks about a "cool new spaceship" that NASA is developing.

excitedly, i looked at the pics, expecting to see a cool spaceship.

for instance, this is a cool spaceship:

and this is a cool spaceship:

this, however, is NOT a cool spaceship:

that looks like a lame rocket that junior high kids have been building in their backyards for the last 60 years. why? why can't we build a cool looking spaceship? i mean, the shuttle was pretty cool. in an airplane/spaceship hybrid kinda way.

but the above saturn v rehash is old, tired, and looks archaic. i realize it has to work regarding physics and so forth, and the millenium falcon doesn't really work so well with launching and air resistance, etc. but can't we build something cool looking? why do all of our spaceships and astronaut suits have to look ridiculous?

maybe if we spent a little on the way these things LOOK as well as the way they function, the aliens would stop avoiding us. :)