Friday, September 9, 2011

pain or no pain... that's the question

so this site discusses something called the "hedonistic imperative", which basically says that pain will soon be a thing of the past. that we don't need it anymore and that the last unpleasant experience will occur on a specified date.

it brings this to mind.

what do you think? do we need our pain? not just physical pain, but mental... psychological... spiritual?

is pain a gift? or a curse?

is a pain free future a picture of heaven?


Adam Desmond said...

while I agree that science may eventually reach a point when they will be able to identify the cause of all pain (a good thing), I don't believe that they can or will suppress all pain. Pain is too important to the overall health of the body. People born without the ability to feel pain live short, miserable lives.

jefe said...

i agree... but the author would say that this is only because there is a reason for pain now... that eventually there will be no need for pain because there'll be no cause of pain - aka no disease, no harm to humans whatsoever. i guess we'll have to get rid of campfires and stovetops...