Friday, September 9, 2011

information overload or smarter than ever?

the debate rages. are we being bombed minute by minute by so much information that we're being overloaded and can't finish our sentences?

or are we, as the book to the left insists, smarter than ever due to our influx of ubiquitous facts?

here is an article that suggests we throw away our smartphones so that we can return to performing the "miracle" of reading complete sentences.

i know that i personally read now more than ever. i read entire books. i read entire news stories. i keep up with people's blogs. and, at the same time, i feel at ease. at peace. centered. in control. i don't feel like my laptop, nook, and/or droid phone are dictating my life to me. i take fasts from the info influx and don't feel a huge difference before or after.

it makes me wonder how much of this is actually happening, and how much of it is conjecture. what do you think? do you feel overwhelmed with info? do you feel like you'd benefit (besides the monetary savings) from throwing away your smartphone?

what say you?

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