Sunday, October 5, 2008

darkly dreaming

i've recently started watching dexter.
i'm really amazed how good it is. the story is well done, that acting is superb. i wish it wasn't a cable show, so that it'd be a little less gratuitous in the nudity/sex department. but the writing is fantastic.
i really like the character development. there are folks on the show that you really like (dexter, his sister, angel, and rita's kids are some of them) and some that you really love to hate (doakes, lila, rita's mom, and maria are some examples).
there are twists that certainly leave me guessing.
it builds tension in the pit of my stomach, hoping that this serial murderer gets away with it to kill another day. who would have thought?


Tanya said...

Did you start with season 1 or with season 3? If you started with Season 3, don't go back and read the books! I've read them all and it's good to keep the books separate from the show.

I agree with you on the gratuitous nudity. It's been building with each season.

jefe said...

i started with season 1.

i've had tons of people recommend the books, so i think i'm gonna give them a shot... i'll post the results. :)

jefe said...

if you watched dexter, and haven't finished the entire series, DO NOT WATCH THE LAST EPISODE. it is THE WORST ENDING in the history of the world. i hated it with a huge passion. it made me wish i'd never watched the entire series. if you want to watch the last season, then stop at the next to last episode. you'll be glad you did.