Thursday, June 22, 2017

Satan attacks you, Jesus defends you

St Jerome talks today about how the Bible is a great defense against the attacks of the devil in our lives. And he's right... studying the Bible and memorizing important verses is very helpful when temptation or spiritual attacks come our way.

But he says something in almost an offhand way that I thought was pretty profound... and sums up life as many people I know are experiencing it right now: Satan attacks us, and Jesus defends us.

Many people I know are struggling right now. With many of my friends, life just doesn't make sense some days. It seems the odds are stacked against them, and if anything CAN go wrong, it WILL. Even things that they don't think will go wrong find some way to do so.

At the same time that they are feeling beaten down, they're being picked up. They see that God is indeed working in their lives. They sense how God is using things for their good. And so they continue to trudge down the difficult road that they're on, knowing that Jesus is defending them and they'll make it to the end.

If you are struggling, take heart. He has overcome the world. If you know someone who's struggling, give them an encouraging word. You never know what good you can do in someone's life... you might make all the difference. Jesus might be using YOU to defend your friend against the enemy.

God, thank You for showing us how to keep walking when we are beaten down... because You are defending us.