Friday, June 23, 2017

broken men doing good

Today in A Year with the Church Fathers, we hear from our buddy St Basil. He tells us that we find great examples in the Bible to emulate when we want to learn how to be more like we ought to be. And he's right... we can learn a great deal from the examples of those in the Bible.

But what I really like learning from reading the Bible is that God uses broken people. Even the great heroes of the Bible, like David or Moses, do stupid things sometimes. They're human. They were flawed, and they sinned. Yet God used them in mighty ways to accomplish the good that He intended for all of us.

To me, it's very reassuring to realize that ALL of the disciples abandoned Jesus when He was arrested. They ran scared. That reassures me, because believe me, I'm scared myself sometimes when I face the crosses in my life. I want to run away. But, just like Jesus strengthened His disciples and reinstated Peter by asking Him "Do you love Me?", so He strengthens me and reinstates me every time I fail Him.

And just like Peter, the way that I show I love Him is by "feeding His sheep".

God, thank You for using broken men to do good.