Monday, April 24, 2017

God makes good use of the wicked

St Augustine teaches us wisdom today in A Year with the Church Fathers.

He tells us that even when our ancient enemy is doing his best to destroy us, God "makes good use of the wicked" and works it all for our good instead.

I think that might encourage you today. No matter what's happening in your life. No matter how dark it is, and I know it can get dark sometimes. No matter how horrible the things are that someone is doing to you. And... no matter how horrible are the things that YOU'VE done yourself... God can and will work ALL of it for your good. He is a master at redeeming people's lives. Even the hard parts. The scary parts. Even the sinful parts. He can and will redeem everything in your life... just give it to Him, and ask Him to work all of it for your good. Then watch what He does.

God, thank You that we can trust You to work everything for our good when we give it all to You.