Thursday, March 2, 2017

to be like God

Today in A Year with the Church Fathers, St Gregory of Nyssa points out how we can be like God.

He points us to the verse in the picture above. Now, this is one of the hardest commandments, isn't it? Loving our enemies isn't easy. Without even trying to figure out how we can "love ISIS", let's just start with the people we know in our own lives. The ones who talk about us behind our backs. The ones who think they're better than we are. The ones who don't invite us to their get togethers. What about the ones who break into our homes and steal our stuff? What about child molesters?

Not easy.

But this is, I believe, the only commandment we're given in which we are directly told that by obeying it, we are acting like God. We are showing that we are His children. Because HE loves His enemies (those who count themselves His enemies). He gives His blessings to those who love Him... and to those who hate Him... and to those who ignore Him and pretend He doesn't exist.

Since it's so important, but so difficult, we probably need some help. And fortunately, here we have a prayer that we can pray knowing that we will get a "yes" response. God commanded us to do it... surely He will help us do it when we ask.

God, please help us to be more like You by loving our enemies.

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