Wednesday, March 1, 2017

God breathed life into man

In our reading today from A Year with the Church Fathers, St Iranaeus tells us about the special care that God took in creating us. That with the rest of creation, He spoke it into existence. But with us, He first formed us with His hands, and then He breathed life into our nostrils.

The cool thing to realize is that He hasn't stopped breathing life into us. He forms our lives with His hands, and He continues to breathe His life into us every day. As the saints have taught us, God is not the "divine watchmaker" who set everything in motion and then went away. Rather, He is continually creating all of the time. His creative act is ongoing, and sustains our existence. He is the ground of our being, and He is only good. That's why we can trust in Him... when you dig down far enough, no matter what subject, God is there, waiting for you.

Breathing life into you.

God, thank You for breathing Your life into us. Please help us to take You in and let You transform us.

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