Saturday, February 18, 2017

radical idea: calling God our father

Today in A Year with the Church Fathers, we hear from St Leo the Great. And he reminds us how astounding it is that we are taught to call God our father.

The first two words of the prayer that Jesus teaches His disciples express the great privilege that is only hinted at in the Old Testament. That we can call God "Our Father". It's ground breaking that Jesus refers to God as HIS father. But then He extends that ability to all of us who follow Him.

Which really does boggle the mind. God, who created everything and sustains that creation through the power of His will... the ground of all being... we are taught to call our father. To think of Him as being that close to us. To realize that He loves us the way a father loves his children. And the love of a father for his children really only hints at the love that God has for us.

So when life gets hard... and you are feeling lost, alone, afraid... remember how much God, your father, loves you. And trust Him to make things work out right. He works everything for your good.. even your sin... even the times you totally mess up your own life. Believe me... He's good at that. I can't tell you how many times I've royally messed everything up in my life - and not only does He not just let me spiral completely out of control, but He ends up working everything - even my bad decisions - for my good. He's amazing.

God, thank You for being our loving father, and working everything for our good.