Sunday, February 19, 2017

feeding the good and the evil

In A Year with the Church Fathers today, St Augustine tells us many things about "our daily bread". Among his insights is the need for the Eucharist on a daily basis, which Jesus said was His flesh and blood, and which He said brings us eternal life.

But the thing I found myself coming back to was when St Augustine pointed out how God feeds the good people and He feeds the bad ones. God gives great blessings to people who follow Him every day, and He also gives great blessings to those who blaspheme His name... who even call themselves His enemy.

In other words, God practices what He taught us to do. He loves His enemies. That sounds like it's a given... I mean, we know that God loves everyone, right? But God gives amazing, generous, beautiful gifts even to those who spit in His face and shake their fists at Him. Or worse, even those who have convinced themselves that He doesn't exist.

So, of course, we should follow His example. We should love everyone. No matter how they feel about Trump. Even if they DID vote for Hillary. Even if they belong to ISIS. We should love them. Because God does, and He is far wiser than we'll ever be. And also, because we were there once. We were sinners (and most of us still are). We needed His forgiveness and His blessings.

The least we can do is extend to others a little of the grace and forgiveness that God has shown us.

God, thank You for giving such generous gifts to sinners like me.