Tuesday, January 17, 2017

the light by which we receive every beauty

Today we begin (on day 17) in A Year with the Church Fathers. And we start in a good place! St. Basil today tells us about light, which is where we begin in Genesis 1 when God creates light and calls it good.

Thinking about St Basil's words reminds me of another thing that we can be grateful for. First, though, let's talk about light. God created light, and by that light we can see and appreciate all of the other beauty that He made. Some of that beauty could not exist without light, such as plants and trees that need light for their survival.

But it also makes us think of our mental light. The "light of reason", as we call it. If we didn't have literal, external light, and we didn't have the light of reason, we would be incapable of experiencing any of the wonders that God has generously given us as gifts. We don't usually think about light itself, but what we see by it. And we don't always think about our reason, but think WITH our reason about other things.

They're both very important and profound gifts, though. And St. Basil brings them admirably to our attention for us to contemplate and praise God for them.

God, thank You for the light that You shine into our lives, literally and every other way.

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julie reedy said...

Let your light shine