Tuesday, January 17, 2017

shifting gears!

Hello, everyone. I have an announcement and an apology to make. I have been told by several readers that Thomas Keating teaches some questionable things. When I selected his book for this year's devotional thoughts, I read several pages from his book, and they all sounded good and orthodox. But after being told by several people that his teachings are sometimes not in agreement with the Bible or the church, I investigated. And it turns out they're right. He teaches that the ultimate goal of our prayer is to become God. That when we become our true selves, there is no difference between us and God. That when we become fully human, we also become fully divine. So.... I have to shift gears, and start a new book. My deepest apologies if you bought A Daily Reader for Contemplative Living.

But on to better things! I'm pretty sure we'll be safe to read A Year with the Church Fathers. I read through the first several pages, and it looks good. So I hope you'll make the leap with me, and we'll switch over to January 17th in this new book, which you can get in e-book format from bn.com for $8.49.

If you don't want to buy the new book, you are of course welcome to just read my thoughts for each day.

Again, sorry for the confusion, but on to better things!

God bless you.

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