Wednesday, November 9, 2016

where we're called to go

Lewis tells us about courage today in A Year with C.S. Lewis. If you would like to follow along in this book, you can purchase the e-book and read it on your computer. It's only $10.49 on

He tells us that courage has an integral part to play in all of the virtues. Because with every virtue, there comes a time when we have to practice it in FRONT of people. We have to stand up for it and receive ridicule. And that moment takes courage.

The temptation, of course, is to paddle around in the harbor. To practice our faith in the easy places... in the shallows where we don't HAVE to have courage because it's not very scary.

But anyone who has followed Jesus for any length of time will tell you... He's not a tame lion. He is not going to let you keep paddling in the shallows. He is going to push you out into the deep. Why? Does He like to see us struggle?

Well, there may be a way in which He does, actually. Because what do we DO when we struggle? We reach for Him. And anything that pushes us closer to Jesus is good for us.

But that's not the main reason. The primary reason He pushes us out into the deep is because there is so much MORE out there. He would be depriving us of great joy and adventure if He allowed us to just stay in the harbor. He pushes us out into the deep because that's where His deepest blessings are found. And, of course, because there are people out in the deep who need help. People who are drowning. People whose hands we can grasp, whose bodies we can pull to safety.

Maybe He has called you for just such a time as this.

God, thanks for pushing us out into the deep... and for giving us courage to face what we find there. And Who.