Monday, November 21, 2016

the amazing thing we take for granted

Today Lewis talks about beauty taking no notice of us in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He says that when we see the amazing and beautiful things in the world, we sometimes have a painful realization that they take no notice of us. They don't even know we exist. And part of us WANTS them to, because they are so beautiful and wonderful, we want to part of THEIR lives like they're part of ours. I often feel that way about certain authors or musicians. I had the privilege of going to a Rich Mullins concert one time, and it was SO STRANGE when I saw him, face to face, and he had NO IDEA who I was. It was like seeing your best friend on the street and having them completely ignore you because they don't know who you are.

This brings us to the next amazing thing. And the amazement has been worn off by much handling. We no longer wonder at this fact, because we've been told that it's true so many times that it's become a given. We take it for granted because it has been granted in our lives as long as we can remember. But when we step back... it can take your breath away.

God. The creator of the universe. The most powerful being. More powerful than we can imagine. More important than we can fathom. There is no one higher or more significant.

And He... that being... the most important being there is... loves you. He adores you. He thinks you're the best thing ever. He can't get enough of you. He wants you to spend every second with Him (pray without ceasing) because He never gets tired of your face... of your laugh... of you. He is in LOVE with you.

When you stop for a second and REALLY think about it... it blows your mind. It seems impossible. And yet... there He is.

God of all creation... thank You for loving me.