Monday, October 24, 2016

meeting God

Lewis tells us about the fear of death today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He talks about how all of us will die one day. There's no way around it. He puts it in the context of war. He says that war reminds us of death, because we usually try to forget about it.

But remembering death is very important. The reason why, however, is I think unfortunate. See, I think that most people need to remember death because it forces them to realize that they will face God. And that reckoning makes them decide to live their lives better.

Would that it were unnecessary? If people would just seek God without the fear or reminder of death. If people would want to know Him without suffering and pain.

Well, you can. Lewis even says so. He says that God whispers in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, and shouts in our pain. So if we listen... like the person in the picture above... we can hear His still small voice without His needing to shout at us in our pain. Or at least listen when He speaks in our conscience. The more we try to listen, the less need He has to shout.

But we should also know that pain is probably going to come, and death almost certainly will. I say almost, because while Lewis says that death is 100% certain for everyone... he's not quite right. There were several in the Bible who never died... including Enoch and Elijah. Who's to say He won't do it again?

However, pain and death will probably come to you. And we should, of course, be prepared. We don't know when it will come. It's important to keep ourselves ready. To be seeking His coming in our lives, so when He does come to take us home, we're ready to welcome Him.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.