Saturday, September 3, 2016

the battle, more or less

Lewis tells us about learning in war time today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He says that while it might appear that war time is different from peace time, there really is an ongoing battle all around us every day. Sometimes it's more apparent than others. But even during times that appear peaceful, there is a conflict happening throughout the world.

Right now seems pretty peaceful from a global perspective. But this year there have been dozens of terrorist attacks in even the most peaceful countries (like Canada!). Sometimes the war rages beneath the surface, but it's still raging.

And Lewis tells us that it's important to go on studying, and teaching, and making art, and singing songs and reciting poems. Part of the reason is because we can't let the war define us. We're not just living to survive. We're living to create. To BE human. And part of being human is the arts. As Lewis says, this is not panache. It is our nature.

And this gives us perspective, doesn't it? When there is an obvious war happening, we must continue making art and appreciating it. When there is apparent peace, we need to keep in mind that the struggle continues under the surface. It helps us make sense of things.

God, thank You for making us creative beings, and for giving us a life worth fighting for.