Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hell or High Water

I saw Hell or High Water last night. It was excellent.

If you like Jeff Bridges, you'll love it. But even if you don't, or don't care one way or the other, it's a very well done film. It's funny. It's tragic. The characters are well developed. You care about everyone, even the waitress at Denny's.

The story is really smart and twisty. And you don't know who to root for, because you kind of want the "bad guys" to get away with it, but you kind of want the cops to catch them. When they all meet up at the end... well, I wasn't expecting what happened.

There is one very brief sex scene, blurred and in the background. The language is R rated, but there aren't tons of F-bombs. Some people do get shot, and there is some blood and a little bit of gore.

Chris Pine does a great job, and in my opinion, Jeff Bridges steals the show. His remarks to his partner throughout the film are worth the price of admission. I didn't like the soundtrack very much, since I'm not into country music. But if you are - bonus.

It's not necessarily something you need to see on the big screen. It will play just as well on your TV at home. So maybe catch it on Netflix or rent it from Redbox (unless you have a Blockbuster in town, like I do!). But it's worth the money if you wanna have a nice movie night with some friends.

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