Tuesday, August 16, 2016

which sin is worse?

Lewis tells us about bad sins and worse ones today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He says that it's pretty clear that sins of pride are worse than sins of the flesh. Which might surprise some people. Isn't sleeping with people you're not married to one of the the worst things you can do? SURELY it's worse than gossiping about those people?

Well, not according to Lewis. And not according to the story Jesus tells us about two men going to the Temple to pray. One of them says "Thank God I'm not like that sinner over there." The other one can't even raise his eyes to heaven, but keeps them lowered, beats his chest, and asks for mercy and forgiveness for his many sins. Only one of those men left the Temple forgiven that day.

It kind of turns morality on its head, this story. Doesn't it seem a little backwards? That doing bad things like stealing or being sexually promiscuous is not as bad as just thinking you're better than others, and talking bad about them?

But you can see, when you consider what the greatest commandment is, why this isn't so. We are commanded to love. That's the greatest commandment. Love God with all of your heart, and love other people like you love yourself. If we are looking down our noses at other sinners, it kind of makes it hard to love them. And it also makes us forget that we ourselves are sinners needing forgiveness.

Thank You, God, for teaching me what a sinner I am. And thank You for Your forgiveness, which I never deserve, but so desperately need.


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Yes, we must live with Jesus as our example.

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