Wednesday, August 17, 2016

comparing sex and food

Lewis makes some good points comparing sex and food today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

But the thing that made me think was when he said that either Christianity is wrong about sex or our culture is. And that's very true, but not just about the sex/food debate. It's true about life in general.

Our culture tells us many things... that everyone should be able to enjoy sex whenever they want. That having lots of children is bad. That we should pursue all of the pleasure we can find, and anything that demands a sacrifice on our part should be avoided.

Christianity teaches us other things. That sacrifice is good. That we should control our sexual desires, and only enjoy them when we are married to the person. That having lots of children is a good thing.

Who do we believe? Well, the best way to decide is to look at the results of following one path or the other. If you look at the results of living a Christian life, you see many good things. Happy families, healthy sexuality, people who give to others without it being demanded of them.

When we look at the results of our culture, we pretty much see selfishness in each of these examples. Not having kids because we want more stuff. Not sacrificing because we want more pleasure. Not controlling our sexual impulse because we want more sex. And selfishness makes us selfish people. Have you met someone who was extremely selfish? It's childish and immature and unpleasant. But you find love and maturity and grace in the presence of selfless people.

Once we look at the fruits, we know which tree to eat from.

God, thanks for giving us good examples to learn from.


Donette Glenn said...

Great word! So true you can a lot about a person on what type of fruit they give.

julie reedy said...

Key is giving not taking

Bob Reedy said...

God wants us to enjoy all things He provided for us, but in moderation. An example of this is when it was said to not be taken of much wine.

Bob Reedy said...
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